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AIIA Recognises Australia’s Leaders in International Affairs

Published 29 Jan 2018

The Australian Institute of International Affairs is pleased to have appointed eight leading Australians as new Fellows of the Institute in recognition of their outstanding contribution to international affairs.

The new Fellows have together influenced Australia’s relations with the international community in realms ranging from business to politics, diplomacy, health, law and nuclear policy.

The latest appointments mark a decade since the AIIA began publicly acknowledging the individuals helping to shape Australia’s foreign affairs. “We are pleased to be able to offer this rare honour for these remarkable people who have achieved a high level of distinction in and have made a distinguished contribution to Australia’s international relations,” said National Executive Director of the AIIA, Melissa Conley Tyler.

The AIIA congratulates the new Fellows:

  • Colin Chapman FAIIA for his contribution through foreign affairs reporting and to the AIIA.
  • John W. H. Denton AO FAIIA for his commitment to Australia’s international business and foreign policy, particularly in Australia-Asia relations.
  • Dr Helen Durham AO FAIIA for her contribution to humanitarian law, most recently as Director of International Law and Policy at the International Committee of the Red Cross.
  • Helen Evans AO FAIIA for her contribution to international development and public health, particularly in HIV/AIDS prevention.
  • Bill Farmer AO FAIIA for his contribution to international affairs as a senior diplomat and public servant.
  • John Menadue AO FAIIA for his contribution to international affairs as a businessman, diplomat and media commentator.
  • Professor Ramesh Thakur FAIIA for his contribution to understanding of international security and nuclear non-proliferation.
  • Michael Thawley AO FAIIA for his distinguished contribution to Australia-US relations as a diplomat and pubic servant, and through business.

For a full list of AIIA Fellows and information regarding the selection criteria and nomination process, please see here.

To nominate an outstanding achiever for consideration to become a future Fellow, please email .