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Published 03 May 2016

The objective of the Australian Institute of International Affairs is to promote an interest in and an understanding of international affairs by providing a forum for discussion and debate but without seeking to formulate institutional views.

With this objective in mind AIIA Queensland has established the AIIA Queensland Award and currently invites nominations for our 2016 recipient.

The award is made in recognition of an individual who has rendered notable achievement in International Affairs in a specific sphere of activity which relates to AIIA’s objectives e.g. presentation of a lecture, written publication, education, travel or recreation, health and safety or commerce. Nominations should include the following information:

Details of the person/organisation/team being nominated
Name, Title, Organisation, Awards, Address, Contact details
Reason for Nomination
Provide an overview of the nominee’s biographical details and activity and reason for nomination ( page)
Person or organisation nominating
Name, Organisation, Address, Contact details

All applications must be emailed to by 31 August 2016, with the applicant’s name in the subject headline.

For further details follow the link below:
**************** Applications for 2016 are now open ****************