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AIIA China Matters Fellowship

Published 05 Oct 2021


The Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA) and China Matters are pleased to announce the establishment of the AIIA China Matters Fellowship. The Fellowship is an investment in the next generation of Australian China specialists. It will contribute to policy-relevant research in Australia about the People’s Republic of China (PRC), in any relevant area, including the PRC’s policies on climate change, innovation or resource security as well as the PRC’s political developments and regional ambitions.

The Fellow, appointed for a two-year term, will publish well-researched and publicly accessible reports on developments in the PRC which are especially relevant to Australia. She or he will regularly publish opinion pieces in mainstream media and contribute in other ways to the public debate about the PRC and Australia-China relations.

The AIIA China Matters Fellowship will help develop a better understanding of international affairs among Australians and add depth and alternative views to the vital debate about Australia’s relationship with the PRC.

The Fellowship is funded entirely by donations from Australian citizens and from wholly Australian-owned and -controlled companies or foundations.

Applications for this initiative are now closed.