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The AIIA is one of Australia’s premier think tanks, promoting public engagement with international affairs across a wide range of topics. The importance of the AIIA NSW lies in the variety of perspectives it brings to the most pressing international issues. The AIIA is an independent organisation and its weekly Sydney meetings are enriched by valuable input from academics, diplomats, journalists, and specialists from diverse backgrounds.

AIIA NSW members can keep their practical understanding of international affairs up to date by joining the AIIA’s international study tours. Study tours are led by field-experts and run regularly to regions and countries of global importance. Recent tours have visited China and Indonesia. The AIIA NSW’s continuing contact with international organisations and think tanks abroad ensures the international relevance and accuracy of its work.

The AIIA NSW also plays an important role on the frontline of international relations, receiving overseas delegations and cultivating relationships with organisations and persons in other countries. As well as looking outward, the AIIA NSW remains engaged with the embassies and community organisations that represent Australia’s vibrant international interests here in Sydney.

The AIIA NSW is committed to the future of international affairs in Australia, with opportunities for youth engagement built into all operations. The AIIA NSW Intern Program gives the next generation of international thinkers the valuable opportunity to gain practical experience of the AIIA’s functions and processes. The AIIA also partners with youth organisations across Sydney for specialist events, including NSW Young Lawyers, Sydney International Young Professionals, the major universities in the greater Sydney region and Young UN Women.

The AIIA NSW is an independent, non-profit organisation, committed to the promotion of informed discussion among the Australian public on international issues and their impact on Australia. Members and visitors hear well informed speakers discuss international issues in an informal environment at the historic Glover Cottages, at 124 Kent St, Sydney