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What is Your New Year's Resolution for Australian Foreign Policy?

01 Jan 2016
AIIA Fellows responding to the burning question of the week

Expert Panel-Fellows of the AIIA

HilaryCharlesworthHilary Charlesworth FAIIA-Professor, ANU; Director of Centre for International Governance and JusticeProfessorJocelynCheyAMJocelyn Chey AM FAIIA-Visiting Professor, University of Sydney; former Consul-General in Hong KongJamesCottonJames Cotton FAIIA-Emeritus Professor at the University of NSWRawdonDalrympleRawdon Dalrymple AO FAIIA-Former Visiting Professor, University of Sydney; Chairman of ASEAN Focus Group LtdGraemeDobellGraeme Dobell FAIIA-Journalist Fellow, Australian Strategic Policy InstituteErikaFellerErika Feller FAIIA-Former UNHCR Assistant High Commissioner for ProtectionJanet_HuntJanet Hunt FAIIA-Former Head of the Australian Council for Overseas Aid
JamesIngramAOJames Ingram AO FAIIA-Former Diplomat and Head of the UN World Food ProgramJohnMcCarthyAOJohn McCarthy AO FAIIA-Former Ambassador to Japan, Indonesia, the United States, Thailand, Mexico and VietnamJohnMcCarthyAOGeoffrey Miller AO FAIIA-Former Australian Ambassador to Japan; former Director-General of the Office of National AssessmentsRobertO’NeillRobert O’Neill FAIIA– Former Chichele Professor of the History of War, Oxford UniversityGarryWoodardGarry Woodard FAIIA-Former Diplomat and Senior Fellow, University of MelbourneRichardWoolcottACRichard Woolcott AC FAIIA-Former Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and TradeRichardWoolcottACSamina Yasmeen AM FAIIA-Professor of Political Science and International Relations, University of Western Australia


Question: What is your New Year’s resolution for Australian foreign policy? 

James Ingram AO FAIIAReal, as distinct from rhetorical, movement toward an independent Australian foreign policy.

John McCarthy AO FAIIA
Less emphasis on the Middle East, more on our region.





Study Sun Tzu.


Chey AM


Revise our stance on the Palestine issue.




Vote in favour of sensible US policy in the ME but cease to become entangled in it.
Erika Feller FAIIATo be a more engaged and fairer player when it comes to the two key global challenges of mass refugee flows and climate change.
Graeme Dobell FAIIAThe same resolution as always – how Asia (economically epochal, strategically tectonic) will keep changing and growing and Australia’s place in it all?Plus, the rider to the resolution: keep a bit of bandwidth for the vital role Australia must play, should play, needs to play, in its arc of responsibility, the South Pacific.

Robert O’Neill


We need to make a stronger effort to develop friendly relations in our own region, particularly with Indonesia, in the coming year. Our two counties should not have been withdrawing ambassadors from each other. We have some leeway to make up!


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