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The Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA) consists of branches located in seven states and territories coordinated by a National Office located at Stephen House in Deakin, Canberra. The National Office is managed by the National Executive Director, Dr Bryce Wakefield, with oversight by a National Executive composed of State and Territory Branch Presidents and national office holders.

The AIIA believes in maintaining a strong national and international presence. To ensure that it remains responsive to local audiences, AIIA branches retain autonomy and independence. Branches are independent legal bodies answerable only to their councils. Any work produced by any branch is solely its own responsibility.

AIIA National Office and Branches

National OfficeBranches
Company SecretaryBranch secretarial support
Support to Branches

  • Provide communication infrastructure (web, media, etc.)
  • Member benefits negotiated nationally
  • Membership database
  • Fundraising infrastructure (tax deductibility, etc.)
  • Assist in identifying appropriate speakers for Branches
  • Multistate tours
  • Advice to Branches
Member activities

  • Member development
  • Member programs
  • Discussion
  • Special member groups (e.g. ACCESS)
  • Study tours
  • Local membership benefits
National events and policy influenceSupport national initiatives
Publications and Research

  • National Publications
  • Coordinating research and publications
Support research and publications
Development activities

  • Regional growth, e.g. new Branches
  • Electronic members, international members, etc.
  • National Corporate Members
  • Fundraising
Community education / outreach

  • Schools
  • Careers

Originators of ideas / innovation

International relationshipsSupporting international relationships
National profileLocal profile and diplomatic protocol
Premises and property managementLibrary and conference roomBranch Premises (where applicable)Library (where applicable)