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The Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA) consists of branches located in seven states and territories coordinated by a National Office located at Stephen House in Deakin, Canberra. The National Office is managed by the National Executive Director, Dr Bryce Wakefield, with oversight by a National Executive composed of State and Territory Branch Presidents and national office holders.

AIIA National Office and Branches

National OfficeBranches
Company SecretaryBranch secretarial support
Support to Branches

  • Provide communication infrastructure (web, media, etc.)
  • Member benefits negotiated nationally
  • Membership database
  • Fundraising infrastructure (tax deductibility, etc.)
  • Assist in identifying appropriate speakers for Branches
  • Multistate tours
  • Advice to Branches
Member activities

  • Member development
  • Member programs
  • Discussion
  • Special member groups (e.g. ACCESS)
  • Study tours
  • Local membership benefits
National events and policy influenceSupport national initiatives
Publications and Research

  • National Publications
  • Coordinating research and publications
Support research and publications
Development activities

  • Regional growth, e.g. new Branches
  • Electronic members, international members, etc.
  • National Corporate Members
  • Fundraising
Community education / outreach

  • Schools
  • Careers

Originators of ideas / innovation

International relationshipsSupporting international relationships
National profileLocal profile and diplomatic protocol
Premises and property managementLibrary and conference roomPremises (where applicable)Library (where applicable)