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Quarterly Access

Published 12 Jul 2017
Australian Institute of International Affairs

Quarterly Access (QA) is the national publication of the youth networks of the Australian Institute of International Affairs. It is an entirely volunteer based publication providing opportunities for students and young professionals to publish in-depth high-quality articles on global issues of importance. We aim to help inform and foster debate amongst a new generation of leaders.

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Submissions are open until 11:59pm 31st of August, 2018. 

Quarterly Access is an opportunity for students and young professionals to publish in-depth, high-quality articles on global issues of importance. The magazine is always seeking original, engaging and intellectually rigorous articles that focus on international affairs and have some nexus with Australia.

We accept for submission:

  • academic essays (2000-3000 words);
  • book reviews (500-1000 words);
  • travel articles (1000-2000 words);
  • feature articles (1000-2000 words);
  • Looking Into: a short brief on the facts and prospects of a developing or ongoing situation (800 words); and
  • interviews with notable figures or someone who has achieved something out of the ordinary.

Submission GuidelinesQuarterly Access Style Guide

When you submit your piece, please include a single sentence bio we can publish alongside your article. To request further information or submit an article email:

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Quarterly Access Volume 11 Issue 2









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Tamara Tubakovic, Editor-in-Chief 

Cultural Diplomacy: Australia’s Chance in the Pacific
James M. Carey

Wide, Wide Pacific: The Australia – Peru FTA Signals a New Era for Australia in Latin America
Jake Kite

Climate Change Corporation: The Key to Better Australia-China Relations
Chris Smith

Quarterly Access Volume 11 Issue 1









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Tamara Tubakovic, Editor-in-Chief 

Looking Into: Jihadists Under One Flag? 
Matthew Mark Wilson 

What North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Mean for Australian National Security
Chris Watterson 

Threat or Threatened? Russian Foreign Policy in the Era of NATO Expansion
Alexander Thalis 

China’s Modernising Nuclear Forces and Implications for China’s Nuclear Strategy 
Adam Ni


Quarterly Access Volume 10 Issue 4








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Nina Roxburgh, Editor-in-Chief 

Looking Into: Women Poppy Farmers in Myanmar 
Kirsty Dempsey

Gazing at the Stars: Australia’s Strategic Space Prospects
Jono Lim

The Ugly Truth About Fake News: Fragility of Liberal Democracies in the Internet Age 
Zia Khan

Quarterly Access Volume 10 Issue 3









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Nina Roxburgh, Editor-in-Chief 

Further Sanctions Against Iran – Why Trump Feels He Can’t Lose
Matthew Mark Wilson

Coal Igniting Economic Havoc: The Fiscal Paramountcy of Renewable Energy in Australia
Kayla Slade

The Kangaroo and the Dragon: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Free Trade
Stepjan Bosnjak

Rachel Nunn: International Careers Conference Speech, 2017
Rachel Nunn

Quarterly Access Volume 10 Issue 2 

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Nina Roxburgh, Editor-in-Chief

Looking Into: Australia’s Approach to LGBTIQ Asylum Seekers and Refugees
Jasmine Dawson

Meeting Eri Ishikawa: On Asylum Seeker Policy in Japan
Bernadette Anvia

A Path to Social Inclusion in a Multicultural Australia
Vivian Rivera

Migrant Smuggling into Malaysia: Lessons from the Andaman Sea Crisis
Elisa Solomon

Is Chinese Meritocracy the New Black? Book Review: The China Model: Political Meritocracy and the Limits of Democracy, Daniel Bell
Cait Kelly

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