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  • Russia Today – Villain or Responsible International Player?

    Russia Today – Villain or Responsible International Player?

    At the invitation of the Russian Embassy in Tokyo, Greg Clark visited Moscow and the Crimea in August 2015. Among his findings, which he will elaborate in this talk, are the following: Russian anger at Western behaviour over conflict in the Ukraine and Crimea are genuine; both the Eastern Ukraine and Crimea are historically and culturally Russian....

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  • Genocide Forecasting

    Genocide Forecasting

    Genocide remains a blight on our civilization. We need only reflect on Pol Pot’s murderous regime in Cambodia in the 1970s or the slaughter of Tutsis and Hutus in Rwanda in 1994 to realise that acts of genocide did not cease after the horrors perpetrated during World War II – despite a determination that “never again” should things like that be allowed...

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  • America, the angry

    America, the angry

    The best one-word explanation for the volatile US presidential contests is: “decline.” Decline is the subtext of the primary season. People feel it; they fear it: lower incomes, widening inequality, loss of manufacturing jobs, diminished US credibility and prestige in the world. And they are convinced the political establishment –Republican or Democrat...

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  • Live Export Trade

    Live Export Trade

    In 2011, the horrific treatment of Australian cattle in Indonesia shown on ABC’s Four Corners thrust the live export industry into the public eye. The Gillard government’s subsequent suspension of the trade has been the subject of fierce criticism ever since. In 2013, PM Tony Abbott called the suspension ‘a catastrophic decision’. Cattle producers have...

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