France Today Russia:  Shirtfronter or shirtfronted?




  • France Today

    France Today

    Professor Steele will give us his well-informed perspective, a tour d'horizon, of present-day France. He will examine its internal politics, including the government's attitude towards its growing Muslim population. He will look at the country's activities and status within the European Union, the expectations of the Paris International Climate Change...

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  • Russia:  Shirtfronter or shirtfronted?

    Russia: Shirtfronter or shirtfronted?

    Political and media coverage of Russia in Australia tends to be superficial. The last Australian ambassador to the USSR and first to Russia and Ukraine looks at what has happened since the Communists failed to keep the red flag flying. Is Putin the devil incarnate or the noble saviour of Mother Russia or neither of those? What influence does Australia...

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