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AIIA NSW Christmas Event

Published 06 Dec 2017

AIIA NSW Branch Xmas Party


The AIIA AGM began a little before time and went smoothly. There is a new President, Ian Lincoln, and a solid team on Council. The next year should be positive but it was good and proper that Richard Broinowski’s period as President was acknowledged at the meeting. It was equally proper that Michael be so praised for his work as Treasurer and that Beryl, Dawn and Jenny were equally acknowledged for their tireless work.

After that part of the meeting we were entertained by some delightful music organised through the work of Jocelyn Chey.

The ensembles comprised a small Chinese music ensemble and a Balinese gamelan ensemble.  They were introduced by Dr Nicholas Ng, Lecturer at the Conservatorium.  “Nicholas is himself a composer and performer who has played in many of the top international music venues and festivals.  He is also a researcher into Chinese and Asian musical traditions and will explain the instruments and repertoire for us.”

 The program included:

1.  Chinese Music Small Ensemble (Chloe Chung, Elizabeth Cheung, Luna Gu, Chenlei Xiao, Milan Monk, Nicholas Ng):

 Zhuangtai qiusi 妆台秋思, traditional (Cantonese Opera)

Man chengwu 曼橙舞, composed by Elizabeth Cheung

Zizhu diao 紫竹, traditional (Shanghai Opera)

2. Balinese Gamelan Ensemble—Gamelan Rindik (Agung Putra, Oscar Smith and Gary Watson)


Lipi Lengis

The talk/concert was followed by our annual Christmas buffet from 7.15 – 8pm.

 And so ends another great night. Thanks for organising the concert Jocelyn and thanks for a great night from the entire AIIA team.


Report by Brian Everingham

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