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Melissa Conley Tyler

National Executive Director


Melissa H. Conley Tyler was appointed National Executive Director of the Australian Institute of International Affairs in 2006. She is a lawyer and specialist in conflict resolution, including negotiation, mediation and peace education. She was previously Program Manager of the International Conflict Resolution Centre at the University of Melbourne and Senior Fellow of Melbourne Law School. She has an international profile in conflict resolution including membership of the Editorial Board of the Conflict Resolution Quarterly.

In 2008 Ms Conley Tyler was selected as one of the nation’s 1,000 “best and brightest” to participate in the Australia 2020 Summit convened by the Prime Minister to discuss future challenges facing Australia. Later in 2008 she was selected by the Fletcher Alumni Association of Washington D.C. to receive its Young Alumni Award for most outstanding graduate of the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy under 40.

During more than a decade with the AIIA, she has edited more than 45 publications, organised more than 70 policy events, overseen dramatic growth in youth engagement and built stronger relations with other institutes of international affairs worldwide. Her recent research focuses on Australian foreign policy making, Australia’s term on the UN Security Council and Australia as a middle power.

With more than 15 years’ experience working in community organisations in Australia, South Africa and the U.S.A., Ms Conley Tyler has a strong interest in non-profit management. She has served on the Board of Directors of the Charities Aid Foundation Australia, one of Australia’s largest grant-givers, and the Committee of Management of the Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture.

She is listed in Routledge’s Who’s Who in International Affairs and International Who’s Who of Women. In 2017, Ms Conley Tyler co-authored Think Tank Diplomacy, the first-ever book length discussion of the role of think tanks in modern diplomacy.

After 13 successful years Melissa Conley Tyler is enjoying long service until mid-March 2019. The AIIA will advertise for her successor in January 2019. Deputy Director Bryce Wakefield will be available in her stead: bryce.wakefield@internationalaffairs.org.au.

List of Publications (2006-2015)

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Australia 2020 Summit (April 2008)

National Executive Director receives International Award (October 2008)

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Email: ceo@internationalaffairs.org.au